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            Railway locomotive coating

            The product is special for the train, the train has very high requirements on the coating since it works in the complicated and unstable environment. Our train coating with primer, intermediate coating and finishing paint feature very outstanding corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, chemical resistance and weather resistance.

            Product Features

            The product features fast dry, excellent rust resistance, allow constructing with thick film and so on.

            Applicable Fields

            Recommended Product

            Product NameProduct Features
            KNT0103 epoxy zinc rich workshop primer
            The product features fast dry, excellent short term rust resistance, without influence on welding, welding smoke.
            KNT0144 epoxy zinc rich primer
            The zinc powder content in the dry film ≥80%, very excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistant property.
            KNT0560 epoxy mio intermediate paint
            The product has high solid content, allows constructing with thick film, and features long construction interval.
            KNT0606 polyurethane intermediate coating paint
            The product features fast dry and smooth surface, and can improve the gloss and fullness of high finishing paint.
            KNT0615 various polyurethane finishing paint
            The product features excellent weather resistance, high solution resistance, and excellent coating film physical property.
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