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            Products»Color plate coating

            Water-based system

            The product is made of water-based resin with water-based auxiliary, eco-friendly pigment and filling by adopting conventional technique, the product is free of formaldehyde, benzene series compounds, TDI and other harmful substances, meets the European standard (ROHS) and can be used for substituting traditional solvent type coating, and features eco-friendly, safe, noncombustible, non-explosive and so on, It is constructed with deionized water or clean water with electric conductivity <200, therefore, it can save resources without the danger of fire during construction, the equipment can be cleaned with water, thus dropping the pollution to the environment.

            Applicable Fields

            Integrated ceiling indoor decoration, aluminum composite panel and so on.

            Recommended Product

            Product Name Product Features
            KNT0699 Coil coating water-based paint
            Clean, eco-friendly, healthy, comfortable and green coating.
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